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smart identity

Identify your products with high reliability thanks to URely platform and to univocal and encrypted NFC tags.

smart traceability

Follow your product along the entire supply chain thanks to easy and dynamic taps.

smart engagement

Open a continuous brand-to-one engagement channel with users and offer always new contents.

smart identity

  • certificate the entire product journey to protect your Brand by counterfeits and illegal sales
  • store all product events along the distribution network to ensure a unique and authorized products sale
  • enable consumers to check products’ identity with a simple tap: enhance products’ perceived value, multiply engagement opportunities, increase loyalty potentialities

smart traceability

  • configure custom alarms for each step of the supply chain and receive updates about your product
  • analyze products interactions distribution around the world to plan data-driven marketing actions
  • protect your Brand transparency towards all stakeholders thanks to the guaranteed control and visibility of the supply chain

smart engagement

  • let your product be a media for users: communicate directly with them warranty information, push notifications, advertising contents, loyalty programs and much more
  • evolve your marketing strategy analyzing products’ interactions
  • build a relationship of trust with consumers that lasts over time and over single taps

The technology

Embrace the advanced NFC technology combined with the power of a Digital Platform.

The advanced NFC technology enclosed in a chip for your Brand.

  • Provide last generation NFC tags.
  • Guarantee encrypted tags: information are directly encoded in the hardware and ready to be extracted.
  • Customize tags according to Brand requirements: policy, appearance or products needs.

The Platform

The potential of the tag enabled by the intelligence of the platform

Thanks to URely dashboards, your Brand can manage many services from a single application:

  • Authentication: uniquely associate tags to products serial numbers, activate custom alarms to monitor authentic interactions, certificate Brand identity;
  • Redirection: evolve redirect URL to realize business logics, certify the entire requests chain through high-security services, customize redirect URL to derive detailed information and share them with third parties;
  • Configuration: group tags per business logics, differentiate them in categories such as product categories or production steps, plan and update marketing campaigns.

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